Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Update

Hey Music Lovers!

It's been an incredible few months with tonnes of new artist under our belt who were more all than happy with the service we provided. To name a few from the last few weeks: Paul Young, Norman Watt-Roy, Brother and bones, Dan Gordon, DecatonicsWille And The Bandits

Like I mentioned that's only a few from the last couple of weeks. On average the company covers 12 acts/events a week (not including festivals which can be 40+ per day) which totals up to a lot of happy Pulse PA Hire users!

Five systems went out over the fireworks weekend and they all went with a bang! (see what I did there?) Just a good example that we don't only cater for live music but all types of events. Weddings, parties, corporate events. Although we haven't catered for a funeral yet (touch wood)

I currently have a strong database for Sound Engineers and we only use the most reliable and professional. If I personally can't make the event then I will endeavor to provide a suitable engineer for your price tag. I never let an engineer go out for anything less than minimum wage so please don't expect free engineers, but do expect best price to quality ratio. 

By coming through us you also have access to our plentiful stock at reduced rate, and in some cases FREE! If you use you own engineers, that's fine, but if they need equipment then please ask. Bargains can still be had.

New stock is arriving every week so if you need it just ask, I'm also in talks with a few other local hire companies to increase stock and availability even further.

There's tonnes more going on at the mo, but I'm going to let your eyes rest for a while. I will endevour to update this page a little more regularly. Any feedback of what you'd like to hear more/less of is always welcomed.

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