Friday, January 31, 2014

Creating an unsigned playlist. Get involved!

Hey Music Lovers!

I'm collecting tracks for original artists based in Dorset, especially those I've worked with, to fill an IPOD full of unsigned talent!

There has been plenty of pre show times when I've had to supply music at gigs throughout the the uk and thought why am I not playing tracks from Dorset. We have tonnes of talent this way so why not get it out there some more?

What I'm proposing is that you send me a track or two via email or drop box (if you want to send more). I will then stick it on the play list and share your details with anyone who asks? I'm happy to accept all genres but please respect I will try and theme the play list to the night in question.

Sound good to you?

All I ask is: 

  • That the content is suitable for general puplic,
  • Quality of recording is to a reasonably high standard
  • I have all the relevant information to give to people if asked.
  • MP3 format is prefered.
  • I'm allowed to play them at any show of my choice.
  • The track/s are labelled correctly
If you want to send the tracks then please use you can also ask questions via there too if you have any.

Please spread the word and hopefully this will show the uk what talent is out there!

Keep music alive,

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