Monday, May 25, 2015

The Mods and Legend + Hires

Another great weekend at work... Friday night I was engineering for The Mods who play a musical homage to the 60's and 70's mod scene. The band are all great musicians with years of experience. Well worth checking out if you like the Mod scene.
Saturday night I had the pleasure of engineering for the fantastic Legend who are the ultimate Bob Marley tribute. I have had the opportunity to work with these guys a number of times at venues as well as festivals and they never disappoint.

Working with Legend gave me the chance to try out a new high-hat setup consisting of a sontronics STC-1 paired with my new Green 12 by 12 Gauge Microphones. I had an audience member say that it was the best high-hat sound they had ever heard. I was really pleased with the results although I need to get a different mic clip for the Green 12.

Also this weekend I had some of my equipment out on hire to Borough of Poole Council for a two day dance event over two locations in Poole. I also had a system out with the lovely Lou Brown who  organised a house concert, if you aren't sure what a house concert is checkout the website here.

Lou Brown and Clive Gregson

Saturday, May 23, 2015

12 Gauge Microphones

I had a new toy delivered through the post today all the way from the USA. I bought a Green 12 from 12 Gauge Microphones.  I saw these Green 12's online a while ago and thought they looked pretty cool and I finally got round to purchasing one to try out.
The guy who makes these little fellas is a bit of a one man show. All the mics are handmade using used  shot gun shells.
I have only opened the box today so I haven't had a chance to use it yet but I will do tonight. The reviews are really good online so I am looking forward to it!

If all goes well with this microphone I think I will be trying some of their other mics. The Green 12 is such a handy size and built to last. It also comes in its own case (test tube) plus it has its own serial number and free stickers too.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Flare Audio - a revolution in pure sound

One of my favourite audio companies Flare Audio have launched a kickstarter campaign to rise funds to release their new in ear headphones. I have tried their over ear headphone which are amazingly transparent. The clarity and separation is incredible. Needless to say I am very excited about the prospect of in ear headphones.

Flare are an UK based company who are making some fantastic equipment. It is a pleasure to support a UK based business.

Chris 'Percy' Young
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Empire Affair Freebe

A few months ago I engineered a show for Empire Affair at Mr Kyps. I was asked by the boys to record there set, mix and master it. They are very happy with the results so much so that they have released the recording for free... get your copy here!

If you are interested in having your live gigs recorded I have a number of packages available to suit everyone just get in touch.

Chris 'Percy' Young
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This week...The Strypes + Larry Miller

This week I had the pleasure of meeting and working with The Strypes! If you don't know who they are I suggest you check out the documentary about them on BBC4 (Here is the link The Strypes: Best Thing Since Cavan)
They were a great bunch of talented guys and they deserve all the success they are receiving. They reminded me of the spirit of Dr Feelgood and early The Who sound.
I should also mention support from the Raglans who did a really energetic set, embracing their Irish side. They are well worth checking out.
                                                 The Strypes - Image by Damian Godley

In complete contrast to The Strypes  I also worked with Larry Miller this week. I have had the opportunity to work with Larry Miller a number of times now and he is a phenomenal blues guitarist and song writer. It is always a pleasure and never a chore working on gigs like this one. Larry played a moving tribute to BB King who sadly died this week, the drummer of Larry's band was privileged enough to have played with the King himself.

Chris 'Percy' Young
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Friday, January 31, 2014

Creating an unsigned playlist. Get involved!

Hey Music Lovers!

I'm collecting tracks for original artists based in Dorset, especially those I've worked with, to fill an IPOD full of unsigned talent!

There has been plenty of pre show times when I've had to supply music at gigs throughout the the uk and thought why am I not playing tracks from Dorset. We have tonnes of talent this way so why not get it out there some more?

What I'm proposing is that you send me a track or two via email or drop box (if you want to send more). I will then stick it on the play list and share your details with anyone who asks? I'm happy to accept all genres but please respect I will try and theme the play list to the night in question.

Sound good to you?

All I ask is: 

  • That the content is suitable for general puplic,
  • Quality of recording is to a reasonably high standard
  • I have all the relevant information to give to people if asked.
  • MP3 format is prefered.
  • I'm allowed to play them at any show of my choice.
  • The track/s are labelled correctly
If you want to send the tracks then please use you can also ask questions via there too if you have any.

Please spread the word and hopefully this will show the uk what talent is out there!

Keep music alive,

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November Update

Hey Music Lovers!

It's been an incredible few months with tonnes of new artist under our belt who were more all than happy with the service we provided. To name a few from the last few weeks: Paul Young, Norman Watt-Roy, Brother and bones, Dan Gordon, DecatonicsWille And The Bandits

Like I mentioned that's only a few from the last couple of weeks. On average the company covers 12 acts/events a week (not including festivals which can be 40+ per day) which totals up to a lot of happy Pulse PA Hire users!

Five systems went out over the fireworks weekend and they all went with a bang! (see what I did there?) Just a good example that we don't only cater for live music but all types of events. Weddings, parties, corporate events. Although we haven't catered for a funeral yet (touch wood)

I currently have a strong database for Sound Engineers and we only use the most reliable and professional. If I personally can't make the event then I will endeavor to provide a suitable engineer for your price tag. I never let an engineer go out for anything less than minimum wage so please don't expect free engineers, but do expect best price to quality ratio. 

By coming through us you also have access to our plentiful stock at reduced rate, and in some cases FREE! If you use you own engineers, that's fine, but if they need equipment then please ask. Bargains can still be had.

New stock is arriving every week so if you need it just ask, I'm also in talks with a few other local hire companies to increase stock and availability even further.

There's tonnes more going on at the mo, but I'm going to let your eyes rest for a while. I will endevour to update this page a little more regularly. Any feedback of what you'd like to hear more/less of is always welcomed.

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