Monday, May 25, 2015

The Mods and Legend + Hires

Another great weekend at work... Friday night I was engineering for The Mods who play a musical homage to the 60's and 70's mod scene. The band are all great musicians with years of experience. Well worth checking out if you like the Mod scene.
Saturday night I had the pleasure of engineering for the fantastic Legend who are the ultimate Bob Marley tribute. I have had the opportunity to work with these guys a number of times at venues as well as festivals and they never disappoint.

Working with Legend gave me the chance to try out a new high-hat setup consisting of a sontronics STC-1 paired with my new Green 12 by 12 Gauge Microphones. I had an audience member say that it was the best high-hat sound they had ever heard. I was really pleased with the results although I need to get a different mic clip for the Green 12.

Also this weekend I had some of my equipment out on hire to Borough of Poole Council for a two day dance event over two locations in Poole. I also had a system out with the lovely Lou Brown who  organised a house concert, if you aren't sure what a house concert is checkout the website here.

Lou Brown and Clive Gregson

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